I have over 2 years of experience selling stickers online, mainly on Etsy and now on this site. I've made over 8000 orders and have a 4.8 star rating and don't think this information should be kept secret.


*note: some of these links are affiliate links, but I would never suggest something I don't use myself.


If you want to start your own sticker business, having all the materials on hand is important. I've spent 2 years perfecting my process, going through almost 50 types of sticker paper, laminate, shipping materials, etc. I've made this list so you can be successful. My supplies are not the secret to my success. Designs and marketing are. I want to share with you so that you don't have to worry about trial and error.


The best inkjet printer I've used with the highest quality printing for at-home use is the Canon Pixma. It wirelessly connects to your computer via wi-fi and has lasted me the 2 years my shop has been open. 


I started with a Cricut Explore Air series cutting machine and recently upgraded to a Cricut Maker 3. Both do the job well. If you're using the sticker paper and laminate, I suggest using the Poster Board + setting on the Explore Air. For the maker, I use Poster Board, increase the pressure in material settings, and select "More" pressure.


Do not bother buying Cricut brand cutting mats. They are so expensive and there are many cheaper options out there. I've been buying these Nicapa Light Grip 12x12 Cutting Mats. Monicut also makes a version that's essentially the same. I buy whichever can get to me fastest.


A felt scraper is a must-have item if you're laminating your stickers by hand. After 2 years I still do it by hand, and I'll explain why when I get to the Laminating Sheets portion. The felt provides a smooth edge to flatten your laminate with, without scratching the laminate. 


Having a thermal shipping label printer has saved so much time for me.  I used to have to make a template so I could print directly on my envelopes, wasting ink and time. This printer requires no ink and spits out 4x6 labels, the perfect size for the envelopes I use above.


The materials you use are the MOST important part to sticker making. If you want your stickers to last, this is the key.


Anyone who has worked with vinyl knows that Oracal is the gold standard. They make the best products. This is no different with their printable vinyl and laminate sheets.

I have tried at least 50 different types of sticker paper from so many different suppliers and the absolute best is Orajet. When I first tried it 1.5 years ago I put a sticker on a water bottle and the sticker is just as vibrant as it was then, after countless trips through the dishwasher. 

Next is the laminate. Likewise, I use an Oracal product called Oraguard. They also offer a matte finish laminate so you can protect your stickers but still give them a matte finish. 


If you want to efficiently cut your stickers, Scotch Magic Tape is a must-have. The laminate can mess with your cutting machine's light sensor and rather than having to trim down laminate or go over the line with a marker, you just cover the black detection line with scotch tape and the machine will detect it and cut accurately. And get a dispenser. You'll go through enough that the plastic dispensers will drive you crazy.

Shipping Materials

These basic A9 Envelopes are perfect for shipping smaller orders of only stickers and magnets. The total weight for these shipments should be 15.9 oz.


Making stickers and magnets already creates enough waste so I ship my larger orders in these compostable bubble mailers. Even if they end up in the trash they will break down rather than not degrade like other bubble mailers.


These fanfold 4x6 thermal labels are the best kind to use for the type of printer I listed above.